Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hunter our Weim

Our dog Hunter, is a weimaraner. He is 3 years old and weighs 93 pounds. David got him from a breeder in Crestline, Ohio. He is a ball full of energy and keeps us on our toes everyday! I guess you could say he is like a child for now. He loves to play outside, take long walks, and bird hunt with David:) He also loves to go to the bark park and run around with all his doggie buddies. As well trained as he is, he can be mischevious at times and get into things he is not aloud to. David would say he gets away with A LOT more now with me, but I just cant help his sweet little face. At night he gets so cold, with being a short haired dog, that he has to be completly under the covers, it is quite hysterical! He also is there to greet you when you walk in the door, and will take our groceries and carry them inside, we have never seen anything like it, but we laugh everytime. A couple weeks ago we experienced our first skunk spray with Hunter. Never do we wish that on anyone, what a horrible time we had scrubbing that out of him:( But we love this breed so much! Weims are such loving and intelligent dogs with such a great energy. We are thinking of getting another one soon:)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Our Life Together
Sooooooo..... where to start, this is a new thing, Ive never blogged before but Ive always wanted to. Here we go. I am Andrea and my boyfriend is David. We have been together now for a little over 6 months, a very happy six months!!!! Who would of ever thought such a city girly girl would end up with an all out country, outdoorsmen?! But if it's meant to be it'll be. I would have never imagined I'd be as happy as I am now. It is true you find the perfect person when you least expect it! We met through David's sister Brooke who works with me at the salon. My best friend Erika and her husband were the ones who really set us up though. so David called me one night and we talked for a while and then he picked me up the next night and we went out and hit it off amazingly! A drink led to talking forever and hoping the nite would never end:) then he took me to Teejays for a late night barnyard buster, it was the most perfect first date or any date for that matter!!!! Since then we have had many more amazing dates and we just recently moved in together into a town home along with David's dog, Hunter. Hunter is a 2 and a half year old Wemreiner. He is the best:) He keeps us on our toes for sure, he's very full of energy and never fails to make us laugh. I get in trouble a lot by David for giving Hunter too many treats, but i cant help it he just so cute! Well back to our townhome, decorating together is so fun, of course david pretty much lets me do or buy whatever I think will look nice, but thats probably because the spare bedroom is his to do whatever he wants, so he has decided to make it a hunting room. It's quite cute I must admit, different but cute. A lot of deer heads and camo but i put a girls touch on it so its coming together nicley. It feels good to have each other and now our home together and memories to make:)